Mayor Bill de Blasio Says $1 Billion Will be Diverted From NYC Police Budget

Defund the police has become a popular rallying cry for protesters across America. While Conservative pundits have been quick to accuse Democrats of wanting the abolish police forces, the issue is far more nuanced. Politicians like Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have said they would like to see the jobs police officers do be “redefined.”

Bill de Blasio
Photo Credit: Flickr:KevinCase

Other politicians have discussed transferring funds earmarked for police departments to areas like education or infrastructure. On Monday, the New York City’s mayor, Bill de Blasio announced $1 billion in funds would be diverted away from the city’s police department.

The mayor said the money would be shifted to, “communities in a way that would help address a lot of the underlying issues that we know are the cause of so many problems in our society.”

de Blasio continued:

“I am excited to say that we have a plan that can achieve real reform, that can achieve real redistribution, and at the same time ensure that we keep our city safe, and we make sure that our officers are on patrol where we need them around this city.”

Republicans are, unsurprisingly, upset by the cuts and predicting the worst. Staten Island lawmaker Joseph Borelli said, “We have caved to the mob in a moment we know will come back to haunt us. The mayor is smart enough to know that these actions will create a more violent environment in New York.”

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