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Maxine Waters Predicts ‘Bipartisan Wrath’ If Trump Fires Rod Rosenstein

Maxine Waters Predicts ‘Bipartisan Wrath’ If Trump Fires Rod Rosenstein

Amid all the chaos and drama unfolding in the Kavanaugh hearings, you may have forgotten that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was supposed to be fired last week. But even if the Kavanaugh fallout provided cover to Rosenstein, there’s still a distinct possibility that Donald Trump will throw a massive tantrum and fire him and that has Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) all worked up.

Waters, a strident critic of President Trump and all of his cronies, said Sunday that Trump will face “wrath” from both sides of the aisle if he fires Rosenstein.

“Rosenstein don’t quit, don’t retire, don’t resign. If Trump wants you out, make him fire you,” Waters tweeted. “And if he does he will face the wrath of the American people – Democrats and Republicans.”

Many believe that Trump will relieve Rosenstein of his duties following the New York Times report that Rosenstein pitched the idea of secretly recording the president in the spring of 2017 and bringing in Cabinet members to use the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office. Even though this is purely hypothetical, all signs seem to point to someone from Trump’s team deliberately cooking the idea and leaking it to the NY Times in hopes that it would further enrage Trump.

Perhaps realizing that it may have been a hit job, Rosenstein vigorously denied the reports. However, rumors continue to suggest Rosenstein will quit. Trump seemed to silence those rumors when he told reporters last week that he would like to keep Rosenstein.

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“My preference would be to keep him, and to let him finish up,” Trump said. “I would much prefer keeping Rod Rosenstein.”

Trump was prepared to meet with Rosenstein last Thursday, but he eventually pushed back the meeting when the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings for Brett Kavanaugh were scheduled for the same day.

Given their track record of pure servility towards Trump and the fact that we lost one of the few independent voices in the late Senator John McCain, it’s hard to believe any Republican would do anything that helps the country and the people they’re sworn to represent.

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