Maxine Waters Gets The Last Word in on Marjorie Taylor Greene

Maxine Waters is a legendary California Democrat who has served in Congress since 1991. She is outspoken, fierce, and skilled at tweaking Conservatives. This became much more apparent after Donald Trump was elected President. 

Trump and his MAGA denizens often attacked Waters only to get embarrassed when she returned verbal fire. Marjorie Taylor Greene has proven herself to be someone who doesn't learn lessons. So the Georgia Congresswoman went after Waters she was shut down quickly. 

Greene was angry that Waters called out the hypocrisy of the Georgia lawmaker, who frequently rails against 'handouts,' took out a PPP loan that wasn't paid back. Greene responded on Twitter:

"Maxine is 85 yrs old and has held government office since 1976!!! She has no idea what it’s like to meet payroll and keep a business running. Maxine is everything wrong with politicians today. Too old. No real life experience. Corrupt and tyrannical. Is she going to cling to power until she dies like so many of her peers?"

Waters wasn't too bothered by the Conservative's complaints. She simply responded, "I’m old enough to know how to deal with her. I’m old enough to know that she took the PPP money when she should have been seeing to her constituents getting it. And so, I welcome the discussion. "