Maxine Waters Explains Why He Had to Fight Back Against Congress’ Biggest Bully

During a Saturday afternoon appearance on CNN, Maxine Waters explained why she felt the need to take on Jim Jordan during a congressional hearing this week.

Donald Trump has a number of pathetic sycophants remaining in congress. But no one embarrasses themselves more often than Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan. And when Jordan stepped out of bounds with Dr. Anthony Fauci this week, California congresswoman Maxine Waters bit back. “Shut your mouth,” she remarked.

Waters talked about that moment with Jim Acosta this weekened. She told the host, “Jordan is a bully and he tried to intimidate Dr. [Anthony] Fauci. Dr. Fauci has more credibility in his little finger than Jordan will ever have. And yes, I shut him down because we did not need him, number one, disrespecting the chairman and then trying to bully and intimidate Dr. Fauci.”

The congresswoman continued, “Every time he comes, he over-uses his time. He does not pay any attention to the chair. He knows that we only each have a few minutes, five minutes, to speak. He goes overtime. He challenges the chair. He intimidates.”

Acosta jumped in, asking, “It sounds like you’d do it again.” The long-time Representative answered, “I had to say so that we could get back on the issues.”

Watch a clip of the interview here 

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