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Max Boot Ditches Conservative Battle Cry: ‘Vote Straight-Ticket Democratic in November’

Max Boot Ditches Conservative Battle Cry: ‘Vote Straight-Ticket Democratic in November’

Conservative commentator and former right-winger Max Boot says American voters need to turn against the party he has long supported and he thinks the November 2018 mid-term elections is the perfect chance to bring about much-needed change.

Speaking on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe” in promotion of his new book, “The Corrosion of Conservatism: Why I Left the Right,” Boot says the long-term future of the Republican Party is at stake as “America becomes less white.” He notes, “The Republicans are being identified as the white nationalist party.”

“I came here at age 6, I learned to speak English — I think I speak it reasonably well,” Boot said. “I try to fit in, blend in — I thought I achieved that. I thought of myself as an ordinary American, not as a hyphenated American.”

“Donald Trump is making me to think in those terms, he’s making me think there’s something less American than me. I wasn’t born here, I’m Jewish. I’m not the kind of American that Donald Trump celebrates. It’s a tragedy for me and heartbreaking for me,” Boot added.

Boot believes the Trump administration and the GOP will continue to “double down on white nationalism and racism, xenophobia, undermining the rule of law.”

Further, “They will be solidified as a core part of the Republican identity. That’s why I think it is essential that Republicans pay a price at the ballot box for what they are doing, and that’s why I’m urging, as somebody who is a lifelong Republican never voted for a Democrat before I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, having said all that I’m urging everybody to vote straight-ticket Democratic in November, because I think it’s imperative to get some checks and balances.”

Boot further believes the complicit GOP needs to be taught a less about towing the line with Donald Trump and his alt-right followers.

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“The Republican Party has shown they will not stop Donald Trump’s abuses of power, and that they will continue remolding themselves in Donald Trump’s image unless they understand there’s a price to be paid at the ballot box,” Boot said. “I think, essentially, the Republican Party, as currently constituted, needs to be razed to the ground, it needs to be destroyed — and maybe, maybe, maybe out of the ashes we can build up a more reasonable center-right party which is something this country needs.”

Here’s the full interview:


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