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Matt Whitaker’s Scam-Riddled Employer Encouraged Time Travel And Bigfoot Projects

Matt Whitaker’s Scam-Riddled Employer Encouraged Time Travel And Bigfoot Projects

Last week, news broke of acting Attorney General, Matt Whitaker’s involvement in a company called World Patent Marketing. He served on the advisory board of the company, which has been accused of rampant fraud.

Further information is now coming out about just what kind of business World Patent Marketing was and how the company leveraged his experience as a former US Attorney to deflect fraud claims.

When Whitaker joined the company in 2014, World Patent Marketing claimed he would protect investors. A press release read, “Former US Attorney Whitaker Joins World Patent Marketing to Protect Inventors From Patent Marketing Scam.”

Whitaker doubled down on the assertion that everything was above board. stating, “As a former U.S. Attorney, I would only align myself with a first-class organization. World Patent Marketing goes beyond making statements about doing business ‘ethically’ and translate those words into action.”

The other curious aspect of Whitaker’s relationship with World Patent Marketing has to do with the kinds of products the company offered. Some of these include masculine toilets, disposable underwear and marijuana infused fresh fruit.

The company also dabbled in conspiracy theories and scientific speculation, including Bigfoot sightings and time travel. In an effort to sell Bigfoot dolls, the company ran a promotion offering $1 million to any customer who could find the beast.

The company also offered clients the chance to invest in time travel, announcing, “World-renowned physicist, author, and scholar Dr. Ronald Mallett believes time travel is possible, perhaps within the next decade. World Patent Marketing has partnered with Dr. Ronald Mallett to make his vision a reality.”

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As the company began to face complaints from clients, Whitaker became involved in the response. He wrote to one disgruntled investor, “I am a former United States Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa. I am assuming you understand that there could be serious civil and criminal consequences for you.”

World Patent Marketing was shut down by the FTC in May and ordered to pay former investors back $26 million.

If Whitaker is to reach a confirmation hearing, his involvement with World Patent Marketing seems sure to be a focal point of questioning.

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