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Matt Gaetz’s Only Defense So Far Is Attacking His Accusers

Matt Gaetz’s Only Defense So Far Is Attacking His Accusers

Matt Gaetz seems to be flailing to defend himself against accusations of sex trafficking a minor, and his primary defense seems to be to attack the accusers.

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When the news first broke that an investigation had been opened into Gaetz’ sexual activities involving a 17-year-old girl, Gaetz’s reaction was to insist this was all a blackmail plot against him. Now that his alleged co-conspirator is spilling the beans, the latest tactic is to try to discredit this one-time friend.

Thursday night, the Daily Beast released some explosive information. As widely speculated, former Florida tax collector Joel Greenberg — who would have been described, before his arrest, as a Gaetz friend and political ally — appears to be handing over information to the feds, and it doesn’t look good for a certain Florida legislator.

Greenberg reportedly handed over communications between himself and Roger Stone from the end of 2020, in which he lobbies for a pardon from Trump before the then-president leaves office. He repeatedly refers to Gaetz in these communications. Among other things, he wonders why Gaetz isn’t helping him get a pardon, since he, too “is potentially damaged if the matter goes forward.”

Gaetz responded to all of this in the early hours of Friday morning by retweeting, with no additional commentary of his own, One America News editor Arthur Bloom’s response — which consists entirely of attacking Greenberg’s credibility.

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It’s understandable to consider that a person accused of a crime might point fingers anywhere at all to try to ease his own way — but the letter and screenshots that have been shared are communications between Stone and Greenberg, not public statements. They also wouldn’t serve as any kind of plea bargain material if the information in them can’t be verified.

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Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if Greenberg himself is ‘credible,’ since any information from him would have to be verified independently.

What does stand out is that Gaetz isn’t addressing the accusations themselves, but diverting attention to the source.

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