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Matt Gaetz, Under Investigation For Sex Trafficking, Is Really Mad About FBI “Snitches”

Matt Gaetz, Under Investigation For Sex Trafficking, Is Really Mad About FBI “Snitches”

Matt Gaetz is really upset about the FBI and people who do what he calls “snitching.” By perhaps complete coincidence, the same Matt Gaetz was revealed earlier this year to be under investigation for alleged sex trafficking of a minor.

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Gaetz has not been charged with a crime so far, and he denies everything (even things that haven’t ever been alleged by anyone but him, in fact). However, he’s made it very clear that the allegations have, at minimum, complicated his life, even if nothing ever comes of them.

His pal Joel Greenberg, who is helping prosecutors and expected to turn over information on Gaetz among others, actually asked for an extension on his sentencing date, the Daily Beast reported earlier this month, saying that his cooperation would not be completed by the original sentencing date, August 19th.

Greenberg isn’t the only one who is reportedly “snitching” on Gaetz — or, to use more official language, cooperating with authorities in their investigation of a crime. According to CNN, the Florida Congressman’s ex-girlfriend is also working to help law enforcement make sense of long lists of financial transactions, including those that are alleged to be payments for sexual acts.

Gaetz, meanwhile, is lashing out again at the FBI and people who “snitch” — even proudly sharing a Newsmax article about him criticizing the Federal law enforcement agency for encouraging people to do so.

There’s another notable current issue on which people are being asked to follow the “if you see something, say something” code — extremists, such as those who carried out the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol Building in January, which Republican legislators have defended, and Gaetz centers his criticism on this.

However, “snitch” might be a word that he should be careful about, since it already has another association in connection with his alleged illicit sexual activities. As Business Insider reported earlier this year, Gaetz is said to have been carrying out a sex competition with some of his Florida colleagues, in which points were awarded for various sexual conquests. One female legislator was labeled the “golden snitch” in a Harry Potter reference — in the books, a Quidditch player who catches the Golden Snitch wins the game for his team, and in Gaetz’ game, sex with this unnamed legislator was considered an instant win of the whole game.

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