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Matt Gaetz: Twitter is Interfering in an Election by Fact-Checking Trump

Matt Gaetz: Twitter is Interfering in an Election by Fact-Checking Trump

Twitter’s decision to finally fact-check Donald Trump has sent shock waves through the political world. The media giant did not make the decision lightly. According to a recent report from the Washington Post, the choice to label the President’s tweet was two years in the making.

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Conservative media and lawmakers have blasted the decision. And no one is seemingly angrier than Matt Gaetz. During a recent appearance on Fox News, the Florida congressman claimed that Twitter was interfering in the 2020 Election.

Gaetz told host Tucker Carlson, “If we just wait around, Big Tech will steal this election from Donald Trump and from the American people. In 2016, we won three Rust Belt states by a point each, and that was when nobody thought Donald Trump could win. In 2020, we’ve lost the element of surprise, and so we have to be as aggressive as they are.”

The congressman continued:

“That means bills like Senator [Josh] Hawley and I have filed to change section 230 so as to out these entities as publishers and not the unbiased platforms they are. It means an executive order like the president has issued. But it also means getting the other elements of government to enforce existing law. The Federal Election Commission needs to get off their duff. Twitter is interfering with an election. I heard Democrats say for three years that Russia was interfering with an election. That was a hoax.”

Gaetz closed his comments by making his aggressive claim about Twitter. “We have domestic election interference going on right now. I’ll be filing a complaint with the Federal Election Commission tomorrow because of what they have done to President Trump, and as a voter I have the standing to do it. And President Trump should call for a decision on the Federal Election Commission questions that are before them so that these tech companies get flushed out of the bushes.”

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Watch a clip of the video below, courtesy of Fox News:

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