Matt Gaetz Thinks His Purpose in Congress is to Protect Trump

A president who is facing as much controversy as Donald Trump needs multiple defenders in his corner. Perhaps no lawmaker has protected Trump quite as much as Florida congressman, Matt Gaetz. Gaetz may be best known for threatening Michael Cohen the day before he testified before congress.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

In fact, Gaetz feels that protecting the president takes precedent over serving as the representative for Florida’s 1st district. In a recent interview, Gaetz told Buzzfeed he wouldn’t know what to do without Trump to protect.

The congressman explained his position, “The president is deserving of a zealous and capable defense against illegitimate charges from biased people. And I feel very compelled to be here to provide it.” He continued, “I don’t know. I don’t know how I’d fit into this place in the absence of the president.”

For Gaetz, one of the advantages of his relationship with Trump means he doesn’t have to work with fellow lawmakers. He claims, “When I want to get things done for my constituents, I don’t call Speaker Pelosi, and I didn’t call Speaker Ryan. I call the White House, and they can make things happen to help people across the country, and that benefits the people I serve.”

Strangely, Gaetz is excited to work with some of the new Democratic freshman congresspeople like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The congressman even sees them as people he may potentially be able to work with. He told interviewer Alexis Levinson, “I kinda dig their style. This place still sucks.”



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