Matt Gaetz Says Trump 2024 Is The Plan After Visiting Former President

There’s a lot of speculation about whether Donald Trump will try to run for president again. After meeting with him at Mar-A-Lago, Matt Gaetz says that’s the plan.

Matt Gaetz on Trump 2024
[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

“I spent a couple of hours with the 45th president yesterday and he has a focus and a fighting spirit…he was talking absolutely like a candidate,” Gaetz says.

Trump himself has said, according to a spokesperson, that his plan is to back MAGA candidates and try to flip the House of Representatives, but that plan may be focused on 2022 midterm elections, and wouldn’t necessarily preclude a 2024 candidacy.

Trump is facing civil suits and criminal investigations that could take up a lot of his time and energy, and he hasn’t made any formal announcements at this point about his future plans. Still, he’s scheduled to speak at CPAC later this month — an open opportunity to combine the goal of supporting MAGA candidates with any potential announcements or declarations of intent.

Trump’s former fixer, attorney Michael Cohen, said recently that he personally does not believe Donald Trump will run for office again. He believes that it’s an idea Trump likes to push, but that ultimately, the former president will not make another attempt at office.

According to a report in Vanity Fair, Michael Cohen’s view could be more on track than Matt Gaetz’s — Trump is reportedly focused on revenge against Republicans who he feels didn’t show him sufficient loyalty and support, and is specifically inviting to Mar-a-Lago those Republicans who are willing to help hem enact that vengeance.

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