Matt Gaetz Says There Is a Lot of Envy Over Florida’s Handling of COVID. The State Ranks 3rd in COVID Cases and 4th in Deaths

There was a point in time where Florida was the biggest swing state in the country. In the age of Trump, though, the state has taken a sharp turn red. And Joe Biden’s campaign essentially ignored Florida this year, winning the election thanks to his strength in the Mid-West.

Via Matt Gaetz Twiter

Led by Governor Ron DeSantis, the state has employed Donald Trump’s position on COVID-19. Florida has largely eschewed social distancing guidelines and allowed businesses to remain open. Tuesday morning, Congressman Matt Gaetz bragged about that tack saying the country is very envious of Florida.

The Trump-loving Rep. took to Twitter, writing, “There’s a lot of Florida envy across the U.S. right now. Businesses are opening in Florida. Unemployment is dropping. Home buying is increasing. That type of prosperity under Governor DeSantis is very attractive to those who are having to endure lockdowns in other states.”

Since the pandemic began, Florida has experienced the third most cases in the country with over 1.8 million. The state has also ranked fourth on deaths, with 28,779 Floridians succumbing to this illness.

There has also been controversy over the state’s reporting of cases and deaths in the state.

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