Matt Gaetz Says Mueller Report Shows ‘two Nigerian men’ are Responsible

Over the course of the past two years, Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz has been quite a controversial figure.  Whether it’s his close ties to President Trump, or his unwavering defense of the president, he has oftentimes said or done things that many people don’t believe are actions that should be coming from a U.S. Congressman.

Yesterday was no different. In a tweet, which was later retweeted by Donald Trump Jr., Matt Gaetz said, “The Mueller Report is in. Turns out all along it was two Nigerian men in #MAGA hats who hacked the DNC & rode shirtless on horseback w Putin to mar-a-lago.”

The statement, obviously intended to be a joke, not only seems bizarre and completely out of line, but many twitter users are saying it’s racist as well.

Gaetz has not yet given an explanation for his tweet, and it was made prior to the Mueller report actually being handed over to Attorney General William Barr.

It’s worth noting that the contents of the Mueller report have not yet been made public, but it’s safe to assume that “two Nigerian men” were not behind the hack of the DNC.  The Mueller probe has already indicted 12 Russians for being linked to this hack.

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