Matt Gaetz Reportedly Has Heated Exchange With Congressmen Cedric Richmond

A Congressional reporter from Politico, Kyle Cheney has reported a heated exchange between two Congressmen. Democratic Congressman, Cedric Richmond, and Republican Matt Gaetz are certainly not friends after having words on Capital Hill. Cheney tweeted, ‘Cedric RICHMOND notes that lawmakers who are adversaries often refer to each other as “good friends.” Then adds: “By the time I’m finished you will be clear that we are not good friends.”

Cheney also tweeted, ‘RICHMOND says Rs have been bringing in extraneous issues and says to deal with them in a separate bill. “This is a crisis. People are losing their lives.”‘  Cheney tweets another segment of the argument. He tweets, ‘RICHMOND and GAETZ get heated. Gaetz asks how Richmond can know that none of the Rs have non-white children. Richmond gets indignant: “It is not about the color of your kids. It is about black males…If one of them happens to be your kid, I’m more concerned about him then you.”‘

Cheney’s final tweet reads, ‘GAETZ starts yelling: “Who in the hell do you think you are?” Asks how Richmond could say he cares about their families more than they do. RICHMOND: “If the shoe fits.” GAETZ says he should retract his words RICHMOND: “Was that a nerve?” GAETZ: “You’re damn right.”‘

The exchange was surely heated and probably will not be the last considering the atmosphere in the country. Many Americans are on edge since the police killing of George Floyd. Demands for radical change is sweeping the country and could result in disaster for Republicans like Gaetz come November.

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