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Matt Gaetz Refers to Donald Trump as “The Testing President”

Matt Gaetz Refers to Donald Trump as “The Testing President”

During his daily press briefing’s Donald Trump has been asked about the amount of COVID-19 testing being done in the United States. The President typically replies bombastically, talking about the most tests and the best tests. Still, many of the nation’s Governors feel that they are not testing enough people to reopen the country.

Via Matt Gaetz Twiter

That doesn’t mean, however, that Trump doesn’t have Republicans that are more than willing to go along with his testing answers. On Saturday afternoon, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz referred to Trump as “the testing President.”

The Florida lawmaker has made his name by being on of the commander in chief’s most ardent supporters. Gaetz faced criticism early on in the pandemic when he wore a gas mask during a vote on COVID-19 funding.

Gaetz took to Twitter on Saturday to write, “The United States has tested more than anyone in the world by far. Donald Trump is the greatest testing President God has ever created.”

Twitter users immediately began to criticize Gaetz for skewing the numbers. While the United States has conducted the most tests, it also contains to most citizens.

One user, Mike Gilchrist, responded to the Florida lawmaker, “We rank 44th per capita, which is the metric that matters . . .”

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