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Matt Gaetz Quits Capitol Hill Club In Snit Over Safety Rules

Matt Gaetz Quits Capitol Hill Club In Snit Over Safety Rules

Washington, D.C., has enacted a requirement for businesses that want to stay open and admit customers during the ongoing pandemic, and Republicans have announced their intention to punish any business that complies. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is jumping on the bandwagon and announcing that he’s canceling his membership with the Republican Capitol Hill Club, because he would have to comply with the safety regulations in order to enter.

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Law and the Workplace breaks down the order here. In short, it applies to restaurants and other dining establishments, nightclubs and entertainment venues, exercise and recreation establishments, and most other businesses that one enters to congregate or spend longer periods of time, and affected businesses must require proof of vaccination for patrons over the age of 12 years, and identity for those over 18.

Businesses that do not show a good-faith effort to comply can be fined $1,000 or even have their business licenses suspended or revoked.

This was too much for Matt Gaetz, who, it seems, would prefer businesses suffer those consequences rather than make a minimal effort to protect patrons — and he announced by tweet his intention to punish at least one business for their compliance.

BREAKING: As a result of their compliance requiring vax papers for entry, I am canceling my membership at the Capitol Hill Club.

The Capitol Hill Club, however, will surely follow Gaetz’s advice given so freely over recent years, and not bow to ‘cancel culture.’

Is that the sound of hypocrisy? Well, at least Gaetz is, even if inadvertently, obeying the mandate — which says, of course, that if he can’t or won’t show his vaccine card, he can’t enter.

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