Matt Gaetz Publix-Praising Troll Attempt Falls Flat As Chain Disavows MAGA Insurrection

Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) tried to troll liberals on Twitter by declaring his support for the grocery chain, Publix. There’s currently a call to boycott the stores over a donation supporting the Trump rally that turned into a deadly insurrection attempt. However, Gaetz may have missed that Publix already responded to this.

Matt Gaetz Publix insurrection
[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

There is a call to boycott Publix over a $300k donation that helped fund the Stop the Steal rally. However, the chain has already responded, as AL reports, explaining several important points:

The donation was not by the company, but by the daughter of the founder. She’s not an employee or involved in Publix business operations. The company disavows the actions of that day in D.C.

Still, the hashtag #boycottpublix trended on Twitter Monday, and perhaps Gaetz saw it, along with news and opinion pieces about the boycott.

“I love Publix! It’s where shopping is a pleasure!” he tweeted, without any additional context.

However, Publix’s statement from January 30th, over two weeks ago, is the pinned post on their Twitter page, impossible to miss for anyone who visits the company on social media.

Matt Gaetz’s attempt to use Publix support to troll liberals and please his base comes over two weeks after the company declared that they do not support the MAGA insurrection agenda.

Calls to boycott the company were renewed after Donald Trump’s impeachment trial ended this weekend without a conviction for his role in inciting the mob that attacked the Capitol building and threatened the lives of lawmakers.

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