Matt Gaetz Mocks Kellyanne Conway’s Stance on Legal Marijuana

If this weeks hearings showed anything, they showed that members of the Republican party are pretty much in lock step. While Donald Trump may be facing a very legitimate impeachment threat, no GOP lawmaker has yet to break ranks.

Matt Gaetz Appears Outnumbered
Photo Credit Florida House

But there seem to be some issues where Republicans don’t agree, particularly the legalization of marijuana. During a Saturday appearance on CNN, Florida congressman Matt Gaetz poked fun at Kellyanne Conway, who gave an interview where she criticized legal weed.

In an April interview, Conway said, “For all the folks who talk about the benefits and the legality of marijuana, there are many health professionals and employers increasingly concerned that this is not your grandfather or your father’s marijuana. We’re very concerned about the effect on the brain among young people.”

After being played the clip, Gaetz said, “To my friend Kellyanne Conway, I would say, ‘Okay, boomer.’ That’s a very boomer approach to marijuana.”

The Florida lawmaker continued, “I think that her reflection shows a real ignorance to the science demonstrating that in states where there are marijuana programs, you see a reduction in Schedule One drug recommendations. You also see a reduction in the types of overdoses that are crippling our country and hollowing out America.”

Gaetz closed the segment by saying, “If we have a lower acuity, anti-pain alternative to heroin and opioids, I think that you’ll see the country do a lot better. More and more young people in the country are saying, ‘Look, let’s just go ahead and let people live better lives with a more natural alternative that has a lower propensity for addiction.”

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