Matt Gaetz Mocks “Democrat Tears,” Promises Trump Won’t Be Convicted

As Donald Trump’s impeachment trial resumed on Thursday, sycophant Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) spoke out to mock the witnessing from Democrats whose lives were placed in danger during the January 6th attack. With voting on the former president’s conviction or acquittal still at least a day away, he declared the outcome in advance, assuring his social media followers that there would be no conviction.

Matt Gaetz mocks impeachment managers
[Photographer: Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Image]

Unless quite a few Republican Senators shift their stances by the end of the trial, Gatez will likely be right, because many have made it clear that their vote was already decided before the trial even began. However, the Florida Representative’s gloating in advance of the vote struck a sour note for many on social media.

It wasn’t just this prediction of Trump escaping accountability, either. Gaetz also proudly shared an article from the pro-Trump right-wing Newsmax, focused on his characterization of House impeachment managers’ case for conviction as purely emotional response, and suggesting that the American people would rather the whole thing be dropped.

(Contrary to Gaetz’ position, Politico reports that a narrow majority of Americans say they support conviction of Trump for his actions.)

The text of Gaetz’ retweeted Newsmax post is another gloat, mocking “Democrat tears.”

Matt Gaetz mocks tears
[Screenshot via Matt Gaetz/Twitter]

“Democrats’ tears aren’t enough to sway the nation…”

There have absolutely been displays of emotion, as impeachment managers have recounted the day that extremists broke into the building where these legislators carried out their work, in a violent and deadly attack. Mocking that, barely a month after the attack, is tone-deaf at best.

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