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Matt Gaetz & Madison Cawthorn Defend Harassment Of Transgender People

Matt Gaetz & Madison Cawthorn Defend Harassment Of Transgender People

Twitter’s rules don’t allow harassment or attacks against people or groups. This includes, specifically, directing hate and discrimination at an individual because of their race, gender, or sexuality. Not all of our elected officials are comfortable with these rules.

Charlie Kirk, a right-wing organizer and founder of Turning Point USA, earned a Twitter ban, reportedly for attacks on Dr. Rachel Levine. After Levine was declared one of USA Today‘s Women of the Year as “the nation’s highest-ranking openly transgender official,” several right-wing media entities took shots at her.

You can see below a tweet from Tucker Carlson complaining about both the Babylon Bee satire site and Charlie Kirk being banned for these rule violations.

The satire site posted an article misgendering Levine by naming her “Man of the Year,” and Kirk’s tweet misgenders her, uses a deadname, and complains about Levine being appointed to her position as assistant secretary for health for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Both screenshots show that the entity in question is banned from Twitter for “violating rules against hateful conduct.”

Tucker isn’t the only one to take issue with this, though.

Matt Gaetz, an elected Representative, also weighed in, expressing annoyance that Kirk could be banned from the site for his hateful attack — which Gaetz refers to as “the truth.”

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Representative Madison Cawthorn, who is already in enough hot water of his own, threw in his own defense of Kirk, suggesting he should “identif[y] as unbanned” and that Twitter would let him back on.

Both have openly indicated a lack of support for transgender rights.

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