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Matt Gaetz Jokes About President Biden Dying In Misleading Video Tweet

Matt Gaetz Jokes About President Biden Dying In Misleading Video Tweet

Videos edited to misrepresent a politician’s words or deeds are nothing new, and President Joe Biden has been a particular target of these. However, Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) took it far beyond a simple false impression Sunday morning when he suggested that perhaps the president had stopped breathing during a meeting.

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“Send Kamala in to see if he can fog a mirror.”

That’s not some angry Twitter troll — or at least, not just some angry Twitter troll. It’s coming from a man elected to serve in Congress, represent the people, and work toward the best interests of the nation.

Instead, he’s spending his morning on Twitter, mocking the president and joking about his death.

There’s a reason that the video clip Gaetz retweeted is only a few seconds long, and it can be seen in the full CSPAN video. It’s only about 11 minutes long, with most of that being Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s short speech about relations between the two countries.

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Throughout, Biden can be seen listening actively, focusing on the Prime Minister as he speaks. He shifts position at about the 10 minute mark (the clip below should begin at 9:52 so you can witness this), and then looks down for several seconds. He then looks back up and responds to PM Bennet, thanking him and crediting former President Barack Obama for work with Israel.

It’s these 22 seconds that have been isolated to give the false appearance that the President of the United States is ignoring his guest and sleeping through the meeting.

The meeting took place on Friday, and it’s not clear whether Gaetz, sharing the clip, has only seen those few seconds, or just assumes his voters will believe blindly, but it is clear that rather than addressing the false impression the clip gives, he decided a joke about Vice President Harris using a mirror to check whether Biden is breathing would be an appropriate response.

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