Matt Gaetz Has Tweet Tagged by Twitter For Glorifying Violence

Matt Gaetz has shown himself to be a lawmaker who can’t get enough attention. He made waves back in March when he chose to wear a gas mask to a vote on COVID-19 funding.

Via Matt Gaetz Twitert 

The Florida congressman is also a huge supporter of the President and tends to make sure his support for him is always known. So when Trump promised to designate ANTIFA as a terrorist organization, Gaetz quickly jumped on board. The lawmaker posted a tweet about killing members of ANTIFA and the message was tagged by for inciting violence.

Trump made his ANTIFA threat over the weekend, though experts say he doesn’t necessarily have the power to do so. ANTIFA is also not an organized group, taking some of the teeth of of the President’s message.

That didn’t stop Gaetz from making his own threat to certain protesters. He tweeted on Monday, “Now that we clearly see ANTIFA as terrorists, can we hunt them down like we do in the Middle East.”

The website marked the post, but noted that they would allow it to remain since it was in the public interest.

Rather than being chastened by the issue, Gaetz was seemingly proud of himself. The lawmaker posted later in the day, “Their warning is my badge of honor. Antifa is a terrorist organization, encouraging riots that hurt Americans. Our government should hunt them down. Twitter should stop enabling them. I’ll keep saying it.”

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