Matt Gaetz Dragged After Saying “Freedom Variant” Of COVID Affected His Brain

Matt Gaetz seems to have fully embraced the Trump philosophy that all publicity is good publicity. He certainly seems to have been going out of his way to stay in the spotlight, in particular with outrageous or ridiculous stunts, despite the fact that he’s in the middle of the kind of investigation that would make many people want to lay low.

[Image via Matt Gaetz/Twitter]

Recently, he’s complained about not being allowed into the prison where suspects in the Capitol insurrection attempt are being held, and carried out a massive rally campaign with Marjorie Taylor Greene. Now, he’s encouraging Floridians to choose “freedom” instead of vaccination, and in the clip below, you’ll hear him lean on the government-control conspiracy theory by saying there will continue to be COVID-19 variants. In the process, he does two things that were guaranteed to catch the attention of his critics: first, he references a sorority, then he appears to perform a deliberate self-own.

(Side note: Yes, he is for some reason performing in front of a large photo of a Trump rally.)

“I got the Florida variant…It affects the brain.”

Well…it’s certainly true that there are signs COVID-19 can do permanent harm to the brain. Still, even with Gaetz’s quick clarification that he’s talking about the “freedom variant” (or perhaps “freedumb?”), Twitter had fun with this.

However, that wasn’t the thing that really made jaws drop. As Gaetz rattled off a few Greek letters other COVID-19 variants (and by the way, we all know viruses mutate when allowed to spread rampantly, right?) might be named for, he made a quick shift to another common use of Greek letters: a sorority name.

The low-hanging fruit there, is of course that the Congressman accused of chasing young women and possibly underaged girls is again making references to groups of young women. But what he was called out for is the specific sorority he named.

So, Gaetz is comparing future COVID-19 mutations to the horrifying saga of a serial murderer. Well, it’s certainly done its share of killing. The odd part is that in his telling, Gaetz appears to be defending the killer virus — instead of the victims.

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