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Matt Gaetz Could Be ‘Uncomfortable’ After Informant’s Lawyer Makes This Announcement

Matt Gaetz Could Be ‘Uncomfortable’ After Informant’s Lawyer Makes This Announcement

The future prospects for Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) darkened significantly on Thursday when Fritz Scheller, the defense attorney for Joel Greenberg, Gaetz’s wingman in an alleged sex trafficking ring, told reporters outside of a Florida courthouse that his client has had enough. “I expect this case to be resolved with a plea deal,” Scheller said, before leaving his audience stunned at the end of an evasive answer to a journalist’s question about what the Florida Congressman should think about today’s court proceedings. (video embedded below).

No criminal charges have been filed by the Department of Justice in its investigation for sex trafficking underage girls against Gaetz, yet. Although, that is probably about to change.

Greenberg “faces an array of federal charges, including a sex trafficking count” and “is expected to plead guilty in the coming weeks, a prosecutor and a defense lawyer said on Thursday,” according to The New York Times.

The disgraced former Seminole County Tax Collector is also reportedly willing to provide prosecutors with evidence proving Gaetz’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, signaling that his bombastic career in politics may be about to end.

“If Greenberg is signing a cooperation agreement, it means he has information that can help the government prosecute other people,” tweeted former SDNY prosecutor Daniel Goldman. “Usually prosecutors don’t cooperate “down” (ie prostitutes) but look to cooperate ‘up’ against bigger fish (ie Gaetz). This is bad for Gaetz.”

“Greenberg said likely to strike cooperation deal,” wrote former US Attorney and Assistant AG Harry Litman succinctly summarizing the situation. “That means Gaetz is toast.”

Dr. Dena Grayson, a former Florida Congressional candidate and renowned expert on COVID-19, gave Gaetz the perfect Twitter send-off.

“Bye, Matt! 😂,” she quipped.

The strange scene outside the federal courthouse unfolded right after a once-common but now rare in-person hearing in Greenberg’s case. “Does Matt Gaetz have anything to worry about when it comes to what happened today in court?” a reporter asked Scheller.

The lawyer chuckled through his answer – and his nervous laughter that led to a stunning answer bodes very badly for the embattled Florida lawmaker.

“Does he have anything to worry about? You’re asking me to get into the mind of Matt Gaetz, right?” Scheller replied.

“Well, from your mind,” the reporter clarified.

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“From my mind…” said Sheller.

“Based on what your client knows?” another reporter pressed.

“Based on what my client knows,” said Scheller, who was hesitant to reveal too many details surrounding the case. “I’m sure Matt Gaetz is not feeling very comfortable today.”

Watch below via The Recount:

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