Matt Gaetz Considering Leaving Congress For Newsmax

Matt Gaetz has joked about leaving his Congressional seat to boost Donald Trump, but a new report says he could be leaving it for real. If so, his new employment goals would definitely give him the opportunity to boost right-wing candidates: he’s considering taking a job at Newsmax, the far-right news network.

[Photo by SAUL LOEB/POOL/AFP via Getty Images]

According to Axios, three separate sources have confirmed that Representative Matt Gaetz is considering leaving Congress to work for Newsmax. He has reportedly already had talks with the network, and has visions of himself as a media personality.

He’s also reportedly considering what a media role could do for future political aspirations.

There’s no doubt Gaetz enjoys appearing on camera. The unending stream of media appearances he shares on his social media accounts can attest to that.

As for the choice of Newsmax, while a few of Trump’s most ardent supporters and team members have recently joined Fox News, and it’s where Gaetz makes many of his own on-screen appearances, many Trump supporters turned away from Fox over election coverage, and Trump himself endorsed Newsmax over Fox due to coverage.

Gaetz had previously floated the possibility of leaving his Congressional seat during Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial, because he could not appear as a witness to defend the former president for inciting violence as long as he remained a Congressional representative. As a Newsmax reporter, Gaetz would have the opportunity to support and defend not only Donald Trump, but other right-wing extremist figures, and to boost careers.

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