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Matt Gaetz Classmates, Unsurprised At Allegations, Have Their Own Stories To Share

Matt Gaetz Classmates, Unsurprised At Allegations, Have Their Own Stories To Share

The allegations against Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) don’t seem to surprise his former schoolmates any. In fact, they’ve got their own stories to share of his behavior during school days, and at events in recent years.

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Business Insider interviewed 21 former classmates of Gaetz, and the consensus seems to be that the series of scandals and accusations was not only unsurprising, but predictable.

Apparently former classmates of the Florida congressman are hanging out in Facebook groups and other social media gathering places, sharing memes and discussing how the Gaetz they knew is reflected in the current news cycle.

One, Erin Scot, told a story of a 2009 wedding rehearsal dinner for a mutual acquaintance. Gaetz, she says, sat amongst a group and pulled out his cell phone to show others nude photos of a sexual conquest — exactly as he’s accused of doing currently on the House floor.

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Another classmate, speaking on condition of anonymity, described waiting to see what allegations would surface next, bringing up his DUI arrest from 2008, and his boasts to classmates years before, in which he said he knew how to get out of a drunk driving charge, including how to dodge a Breathalyzer test.

According to Politico, Gaetz has just announced a “six figure ad buy” of 30-second television spots that he hopes will serve as a defense and help rebuild his reputation — although his reputation seems to predate the current allegations, if people who have known him for decades are any indication. Gaetz continues to claim that he’s the victim of a political attack.

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