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Matt Bevin Claims That he Lost Due to Vote Harvesting in Urban Committees

Matt Bevin Claims That he Lost Due to Vote Harvesting in Urban Committees

After winning his election in 2015 by around 7%, Matt Bevin again ran for governor in ruby red Kentucky in 2019. The incumbent had the full-throated support of Donald Trump who held a rally in Lexington shortly before the election.

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Bevin still fell short to his Democratic opponent Andy Beshear by slightly less then 1%. He had initially refused to concede to his opponent, but eventually decided to stop fighting in Mid-November. The soon to be former Governor still feels the results were unfair and accused Democrats of winning by harvesting votes.

During his November 14th concession, Bevin claimed that there were irregularities in the vote count. He told reporters, “We know of some things, but not enough to cause us to think there’s going to be meaningful change.”

While appearing on 55KRC radio, he elaborated on some of his issues. Bevin told host Brian Thomas, “[The left is] getting so good at harvesting votes in the urban communities.” He continued, “They were able to go into urban communities where people are densely populated on college campuses and in public housing projects.”

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The Kentucky lawmaker then said, “The reality is that doesn’t matter. What seems to matter is people that are densely populated are harvested by the left for votes in ways that the right just doesn’t understand.”

Vote harvesting is legal in the state of Kentucky, though it is banned in many other states. In the practice, groups ask registered voters who have yet to vote to submit absentee ballots. It is not known whether vote harvesting actually had an effect on the governor’s race.

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