Massive Black Lives Matter Mural Near White House Ordered By D.C. Mayor

CNN is reporting that Washington D.C.’s Mayor will have workers for the city paint a massive, “Black Lives Matter” mural on the same street that runs near the White House. The announcement was made early Friday morning. Protests have been raging at the White House ever since the police killing of a black man named George Floyd in Minneapolis.

CNN reports, “Washington has been the site of more than a week’s worth of protests in response to the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers. St. John’s Church, the site of President Trump’s roundly criticized photo-op during a peaceful protest, sits along the expanse of road that now bears the BLM message.” 

The report reveals that Muriel Bowser who is the Mayor of D.C. is the one who hired the workers to complete the mural. The mural was done in bright yellow letters that equal the width of 16th street which is the street that runs right passed the White House. The mural is expected to been seen by many from aerial shots on television during the planned protest on Saturday.

President Trump has been highly aggressive in his response to the Protests. On Monday, Trump threatened to enact the Insurrection Act to squash protests if local officials did not get things under control. Many local and military leaders have come out against Trump’s threat which would essentially declare war on American citizens.

There is no doubt that as protests continue citizens will are not backing down from Trump.

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