Maskless Meadows Briefs Press About President’s Health, Says He Expects More Positive White House Tests

Tone deaf White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows justifiably got torched on social media Friday after emerging to brief reporters about the president’s “mild” coronavirus symptoms without wearing a mask.

While standing barefaced in front of a semi-circle of masked reporters on the White House driveway, Meadows also predicted there will be more coronavirus cases emanating from the White House.

“As this virus continues to go on, other people in the White House will certainly have a positive test result,” Meadows said, adding, “we’ve got the mitigation plan in place.”

He didn’t indicate if the expectation of additional cases was based on the fact that Trump, wife Melania and senior adviser Hope Hicks were COVID-19 contagious and maskless in the White House before testing positive and being isolated from others.


When asked why he wasn’t wearing a mask after being exposed to someone with the virus, Donald Trump’s chief of staff offered up this:

“I’ve obviously been tested. We’re hopefully more than six feet away and if there’s any concern there from a guidance standpoint — we have protocols in place.”

Some of the the Twitter reactions:

“Still not wearing a mask is peak ironic stupidity and why the entire stupid White House might have COVID-19.”

“Mark Meadows and the rest of Hope hicks’ and Trump’s contacts should be immediately quarantined for 14 days. Full stop.”

“Deranged moron.”

“These people are deadly.”

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