Mask Rage: Two Trump-Supporting Men Beat Up NYC Trader Joe’s Workers Sending One to the Hospital

There have been plenty of “Karen” videos where female customers go ballistic when asked to wear masks in a store. There have even been incidents where consumers have pulled guns after being asked why they had chosen not to wear a face covering.

Photo by Johnny Louis/Getty Images

But physical violence concerning the wearing of masks have been rare. That is, until a July 14th incident at a Manhattan Trader Joe’s. During the melee, a pair of men in their 30’s attacked around 10 people working at the store.

The men were quick to make their political feelings known as they attacked the workers. When asked to wear masks, “the men told an employee that masks would not be necessary after the upcoming election—seeming to suggest that Donald Trump would be reelected in November.”

The pair ripped the mask off the worker and began to attack other cashiers. The worker who had the most significant injuries was repeatedly pummeled with a wooden paddle. The paddles are used by the cashiers to let the customers know when to move up in lines.

Some workers from the store told Vice that Trader Joe’s was attempting the sweep the matter under the rug. “The mentality of our store is that it cares more about making money, and doesn’t want a dip in sales,” said the employee. “I’m not surprised that the attack wasn’t covered by the media.They didn’t want people to be afraid to come back into the store.”

Trader Joe’s responded angrily to the Vice piece claiming that the news source cares more about the story than the health of the workers.

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