Maryland Suing Jared Kushner’s Real Estate Company, Alleges Thousands of Violations of the Consumer Protection Act

During a feud with now deceased congressman, Elijah Cummings, Donald Trump ripped the Maryland city of Baltimore. The President knocked Cummings’ district by calling the area as a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess.”

Alex Wong/Getty Images

One thing that Trump failed to mention is that his son-in-law Jared Kushner’s company owns multiple buildings in Baltimore and has been accused of being a slumlord. On Wednesday, Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh sued the building management company owned by Kusher.

The complaint alleges that tenants, “have had to endure living in units that are infested by rodents and vermin, plagued with water leaks that have caused mold and other issues, and, at times, lacking in basic utilities.”

The statement continues, “[some] have experienced rodent infestations so severe that they have rodents living and dying in walls and kitchen appliances; damaging carpeting; chewing holes in drywall and screen doors; and leaving droppings on floors, counter tops, and furniture.”

Frosh said in an interview:

“What we are claiming in this lawsuit is that they were cheating tenants before, during and after their tenancy, and when I tell you there were hundreds of thousands of violations of the Consumer Protection Act, it just begins to convey the seriousness of the charges. They caused serious harm and suffering to the people who lived in their units.”

Kusher Companies is contesting the accusations. Company President Laurent Morali said, “We refuse to be extorted by an ambitious Attorney General who clearly cares more about scoring political points than fighting real crime and improving the lives of the people of Maryland. We look forward to defending ourselves against these bogus allegations.”


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