Maryland GOP Governor Rejects Trump, Casts Write-In Ballot for Ronald Reagan

Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, deciding that he couldn’t support either Donald Trump or Joe Biden for president, revealed Friday that he has cast a write-in ballot for conservative icon former president Ronald Reagan.

Trump is hugely unpopular in Maryland and Biden holds about a 30 point lead in the latest polls. In an interview with The Washington Post, Hogan said he wanted to make a statement. “I know it’s simply symbolic. It’s not going to change the outcome in my state. But I thought it was important to just cast a vote that showed the kind of person I’d like to see in office,” the governor said.

Hogan considers Reagan his political hero and shares his philosophy of lowering taxes and limiting government regulations. “I’m a lifelong conservative Republican,” Hogan said. “Reagan was the guy. I marched around as a college kid on the floor of the convention with a Reagan hat and a Reagan sign.”

The Post writes: “Hogan’s latest rejection of his party’s standard-bearer comes as he works to expand his political network nationwide ahead of a possible 2024 presidential bid, with a flurry of fundraisers this month for GOP candidates from Vermont to Nebraska who also cast themselves as pragmatic Republicans.”

The governor considered a primary challenge to Trump last year, after being courted by the “never Trump” wing of the GOP, but ultimately decided not to run.

Since then, Hogan has built a national profile as a blunt Trump critic, clashing repeatedly with the administration over the president’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. He was one of four sitting Republican governors who did not support the push by Trump and senate Republicans to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme before the Nov. 3 election.

Hogan enjoys widespread popularity in Maryland and has won praise for his handling of the state’s pandemic response.


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