Mary Trump Wonders If America Is In Cognitive Decline

In an email sent to followers, Mary Trump wondered why Americans don't seem to remember just how bad things were when her uncle was President. 

In the days since Joe Biden and Donald Trump held their presidential debate, there have been nonstop questions about Joe Biden's cognitive state. At the same time, not enough questions seem to be asked about his Republican opponent's cognitive state. 

Mary Trump posited that it may be the country that is in decline, writing:

"The United States of America appears to be experiencing cognitive decline. That’s the only way I can explain the short memories that have erased the horrors of my uncle’s catastrophic four years in the Oval Office. It’s the only way I can explain a poll that shows Donald with a 51 percent approval rating in Wisconsin.  It’s the only way I can explain why this race is so close and Donald — the convicted felon and adjudicated rapist and fraud — remains a significant threat to our democracy."

The psychiatrist continued, "Americans have short memories. And after the massive traumas we’ve experienced over the last eight years, it’s completely understandable that people are inclined to forget. That’s how trauma works. The reason things in this country continue to seem bad now despite much evidence to the contrary is because we’ve never recovered from the horrors of the Trump administration. Ironically, forgetting how bad things were is leading to nostalgia for the worst four years of my lifetime."