Mary Trump: Uncle's Crowd Size Problems Point to His Vulnerability

Donald Trump is a deeply sensitive man who constantly requires admiration from those around him. One way he gets his required love is by holding regular rallies. He's held these events even when he wasn't running for political office. 

But one thing is noticeable when comparing his current rallies to the ones he held back in 2016 and 2020; there are fewer people there. And that he isn't getting the same kind of crowds almost certainly bothers Trump. According to his niece Mary, it also points to his vulnerability. 

The psychiatrist wrote on her Substack, "Donald isn’t going to like this. As he tries to grapple with Nikki Haley’s stronger-than-expected showing in New Hampshire, Donald’s campaign has a new problem: shrinking crowd sizes."

Trump continued:

"The appearance of low attendance has always been a trigger for Donald, who infamously lied about the crowd size of his inauguration. If news of his crowd-size problem gets out, it will add to the increasing number of issues—like Nikki Haley’s stronger-than-expected showing, the increasing number of prominent politicians withholding their endorsements—having a negative impact on him."

The column closed, "We shouldn’t ignore it when New Hampshire Republican voters say they voted for Haley in order to stop Donald. Perhaps they are disgusted with his party too. Just this evening, the House ethics committee announced it reached out to a woman who allegedly had sex with Matt Gaetz when she was just 17 years-old."

You can read the piece in its entirety here