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Mary Trump: Uncle Don Committed Sedition, Will Keep Grifting & Only Pretend To Run Again

Mary Trump: Uncle Don Committed Sedition, Will Keep Grifting & Only Pretend To Run Again

Mary Trump believes her uncle committed sedition, will only pretend to run again for president while grifting and spending most of his time over the next couple of years as a defendant. Those are just a few of Mary’s observations in a wide-ranging interview with Politico in which she announced that she is joining the board of LPAC, an organization that supports LGBTQ+ candidates running for political office. LPAC helped elect Democratic Sens. Tammy Baldwin and Kyrsten Sinema as well as Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. There are only 11 openly LGBTQ members of Congress, including Baldwin and Sinema.

In the interview she said, “We came really close to losing our democracy – and I may sound melodramatic but it happens to be true. I feel it’s the beginning of the fight because we came so close to losing everything, and we’re also faced with a situation in which there’s this fight over the filibuster, and it’s important we understand this is about representation across the board.”

She said she hopes to use her name and platform to “move away from what has been one of the worst administrations in this country’s history on almost every level.” Uncle Donald Trump, she believes, will not run again for president. “He’s going to pretend to run and keep grifting where can off the people that support him. But I think his most time-consuming job in the next couple of years is going to be as a defendant.”

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She accused her uncle of committing “sedition” and doing “everything in his power to steal this election.” She has a similarly harsh take on cousins Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric.

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“I think we should all resent having to have that conversation. Because they are, despite being — let’s put it this way, they have no qualifications, they have no skills,” she said. “Ivanka and Jared just spent the last four years allegedly as employees of the government using their position to make hundreds of millions of dollars which isn’t how it’s supposed to work. I hope they’ll be sitting next to their dad in depositions for the next few years.”

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