Mary Trump Suing Her Family for Millions

Bestselling author Mary L. Trump set a publishing record with her explosive tell-all, “Too Much and Never Enough“, in which she revealed several Trump family secrets while outselling all of her Uncle Donald’s (ghostwritten) books combined. Now Mary is suing her famous relatives for monies that have been owed to her for decades.

Mary Trump is seeking unspecified damages in the lawsuit filed in a state court in New York City on Thursday, but it is assumed to be in the millions of dollars. Trump alleges that her uncles Donald Trump and his brother Robert (who died last month), along with a sister, her aunt Maryanne Trump Barry (a former federal judge), portrayed themselves as Mary Trump’s protectors, but acted fraudulently when they deliberately withheld her share of the minority interests in the Trump family’s extensive real estate holdings.

Mary Trump and her brother, Fred Trump III, inherited various real estate business interests when her father, Fred Trump Jr., died in 1981 at the age of 42 after a struggle with alcoholism. Mary Trump was 16 at the time. According to the lawsuit, Donald Trump and his siblings devalued Mary Trump’s interests, which included a share of hundreds of New York City apartments, by millions of dollars even before Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump Sr., died in 1999.

After Fred Sr.’s death, Mary Trump and her brother filed objections to the will, and in response, Donald Trump “ratcheted up the pressure” along with his brother and sister to settle by cutting off health insurance to their niece and nephew, the lawsuit said, an action amounting to “unfathomable cruelty”. Fred Trump III’s third child was born hours after Fred Trump Sr.’s funeral and was having seizures, requiring expensive medical care including months in a neonatal intensive care unit. Her father’s siblings pressured Mary Trump to accept a settlement in which she relinquished all interests in the Trump businesses, while they provided fraudulent accounting and financial statements that misrepresented the value of their father’s estate at $30 million or less.

“Fraud was not just the family business — it was a way of life,” the lawsuit reads.

“Recently, I learned that rather than protecting me, they instead betrayed me by working together in secret to steal from me, by telling lie after lie about the value of what I had inherited, and by conning me into giving everything away for a fraction of its true value, Mary Trump said in a statement regarding the lawsuit. “I am bringing this case to hold them accountable and to recover what is rightfully mine.”






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