Mary Trump Says There is “No Doubt” Her Uncle’s Mental Stability Will Get Worse

Donald Trump and the GOP have spent much of the last few months attacking the mental stability of Joe Biden. The irony in that attack, though, is that there are also questions about the President’s own mental fitness. Those questions grew louder last month after Trump’s performance and West Point.

Photo by David Dee Delgado/Getty Images

Mary Trump, has a special insight into his health not only as a family member, but also as a clinical psychologist. The President’s niece discussed his mental capacity during a Friday night appearance on CNN.

Host Chris Cuomo asked, “The president benefits greatly from traits of his being ascribed as strengths when, to me, they scream out as weaknesses.You know who he is at his core when there is no camera around and the people who have been around him in his formative stages. Give some context to me about what that means to you as a clinician.”

Mary Trump replied, “Well, it depends on what you mean. In terms of his character, yes. His habits, yes, because I don’t think he’s interested in changing them but, no. I mean, illnesses untreated deteriorate over time.”

The President’s niece continued:

“He’s untreated, he’s not interested in being treated, he has no insight, he has no psychological awareness of his situation and, again, one of the most devastating things is that people who claim to care for him aren’t helping him. If they truly cared for him, the last place in the world they would want him to be is the Oval Office. And yet they do nothing.”

Watch a clip of the interview below:


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