Mary Trump On Georgia’s New Voter Suppression: Let Them Try To Arrest Us

Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp just signed new legislation that helps the GOP suppress voters. Mary Trump, niece of the former president, is ready to join active and productive protests against the rule.

[Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images]

One of the more bizarre new voter suppression tactics signed into law is a ban on providing food and water to voters waiting in long lines. Voters already struggle in districts where lines may be hours long, and making it harder to wait in line facilitates the process of stopping voters by shutting down polling sites.

As NBC reports, Governor Kemp just signed new voting restrictions that include extra regulations for mail-in voting. Recall that absentee ballots, and a vigorous campaign to get Georgia voters to the polls, played a significant role in Joe Biden’s win — and Republicans’ losses — this past election cycle. The new legislation also makes it illegal to deliver food and water to voters waiting in lines.

Voting rights activists aren’t letting this stop them, and the ex-president’s niece is joining them. Joyce Vance, who served as U.S. Attorney under Barack Obama’s presidency, has promised to deliver homemade baked goods and bottled water to voters in line in the midterm elections. Mary Trump says she’ll join in — and she challenges the authorities to do anything about it.

The new legislation will likely be challenged, and Constitutional Law Professor Laurence Tribe has suggested it could be overturned as a violation of Constitutional rights, both of the voters and of the volunteers who would choose to provide aid.

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