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Mary Trump Now Fears Her Uncle Will Risk 2024 Run — Here’s Why

Mary Trump Now Fears Her Uncle Will Risk 2024 Run — Here’s Why

Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, has spent the last few years speaking out about her uncle, trying to warn the world of the dangers of letting him have access to power. She’s talked about her own personal experiences with him, and what she’s observed about him as a person, as well as weighing in on his political aspirations, all leaning partially on her professional knowledge as a psychologist. Now, she’d changed her mind about one thing — she no longer believes that he will avoid another presidential run.

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RawStory reported on Mary Trump’s latest analysis of her uncle’s behavior and political plans. She’s reversed her previous view, that Trump would never risk running again because the humiliation of his 2020 loss was so great.

However, since the election, Trump has continued to push the Big Lie, claiming that he won, and a mass of Republican politicians and influencers are supporting him in it. `He’s also facing a lot of potential legal troubles, with the Trump Organization and its Chief Financial Officer already indicted for financial crimes. On top of that, a House Committee is working hard to force his closest allies to testify regarding the January 6th attack, and is fighting for access to relevant documents in the National Archives (as Trump himself fights to keep them hidden).

With all of this, Mary now says that she fears her uncle might see himself as unable to lose in another election, yet facing hefty legal troubles without the protection of presidential status — and that he could very well decide it’s worth the risk of humiliation to run.

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“I thought it was impossible because he got defeated so badly…It was such a humiliating loss that I believed he would never put himself at the risk of suffering that kind of narcissistic injury again…If Donald gets to the point where he believes that if he ran, he couldn’t lose, why wouldn’t he run? He’s in so much trouble, legally, criminally, and civilly.”

Trump has repeatedly hinted that he plans to run again, though he hasn’t made any official announcements.

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