Mary Trump: My Uncle's Fortune Is Built Upon Unpaid Loans

Growing up in the family, Mary Trump knows the truth about her uncle better than most. While he claims to be a self-made man, Donald Trump inherited a real estate empire from his father and nearly squandered it with numerous failed businesses. 

The current New York trial against the Trump Organization is shining a light on just how dysfunctional the family business has been. In a recent post on her Substack page, the psychiatrist called out the GOP hypocrisy over loans and family members. 

Trump wrote in her piece, "Donald Trump, the party’s standard bearer, in addition to bragging about not paying taxes, is deeply averse to paying back money he’s borrowed. My hypothesis is that this is, in part, because vast portions of Donald’s wealth were essentially built upon unpaid loans."

The psychiatrist continued, "For example, over the course of my grandfather, Fred’s life, he and my grandmother transferred hundreds of millions of dollars to their children. While my grandfather was alive, Donald alone received the equivalent of $413 million, much of it through loans that he were never repaid and investments in properties that never matured—essentially untaxed gift."

Mary Trump closed her column, "Manchin. Donald. Comer. They’re all simply acting in the finest tradition of a Party that has no interest in policy or governance.The hypocrisy is just a bonus."

You can read the piece in its entirety here