Mary Trump: Ivanka and my Other Cousins Are More Likely to Flip on Trump Than Weisselberg [VIDEO}

For months now, New York investigators have been trying to get Allen Weisselberg to give them dirt on Donald Trump. So far, the long time Trump Organization CFO has refused to do so. And yesterday, Weisselberg turns himself in to face a litany of charges.

(Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Prosecutors are still hoping that the accountant will give them information about the company. And it he doesn’t they surely have other targets. According to Mary Trump, investigators are more likely to flip Trump’s own children than Weisselberg.

The niece of the former president told Rachel Maddow, “I think they (the Trump children) should be quite anxious right now. Donald, on the other hand, will expect the same kind and level of loyalty from them, as he expects from Allen.”

Trump continued:

“You know, as far as Donald’s concerned, they have what they have because of him. And they should be willing to take whatever hit they are going to take,” she explained. “He doesn’t understand, I guess, how these things work. Prosecutors won’t stop at my cousins, they will be going for the bigger fish, which would be Donald, who’s been running this organization for over-30 years now.”

The psychologist closed, “So I think he would be surprised to learn that I don’t believe my cousins would exert that kind of — exercise that kind of loyalty towards him because his relationship with them and their relationship with him is entirely transactional.”


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