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Mary Trump: I’m Going to Find a Way to Eviscerate “Awful” Meghan McCain

Mary Trump: I’m Going to Find a Way to Eviscerate “Awful” Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain didn’t have an easy job acting as the token Conservative on the view. Still, she made a lot of enemies during her time on the network. The pundit was often rude and dismissive of her guests.

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Mary Trump was one of those guests that had a hard time with McCain. And while the Conservative is no longer on the show, Trump hasn’t forgotten about their exchange. The psychologist recently told The Daily Beast that she plans on getting back at McCain.

I think she’s just really kind and wanted to help me sell more books,” Trump said. “No, that’s not it. I think she’s a coward, and she’s afraid of people who are not only willing but able to call her out.”

The psychologist continued, “I’m pretty sure she probably remembers our first meeting. It was the first time in an interview somebody had been rude to me, and pushed back, and that’s great for me, that really helps me be sharper, and it was also sort of a confidence booster because I realized that I can do that. I can deal with stuff like that.”

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“I literally can’t remember the last time somebody was that disrespectful to me,” Trump closed. “I’ve done nothing to her, and I just thought I’m going to eviscerate her somehow, and then I find out she’s not going to be on my segment — even though I’d spoken to her producer for like half an hour. I thought I needed to find a way to drag her into this because, you know, she’s awful. I mean, she’s just a nonentity.”

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