Mary Trump Give Tips on How to Humiliate Her Uncle During Debates [VIDEO]

Over the last few weeks, several candidates have jumped into the 2024 race for the Republican nomination. Notably, almost all of these candidates have done everything they could do to avoid directly criticizing Donald Trump. 

At some point, though, these candidates will be on the debate stage alongside the 45th President. And if they are serious about actually winning the nomination, they are going to have to attempt to take it to him. During a weekend interview on MSNBC, Mary Trump had some advice on how to best go up against her uncle. 

Host Katie Phang asked the psychologist if the candidates should, "Take a page out of Donald Trump's playbook and go for the jugular?"

Trump responded:

"Again, I think it's because they're restrained by their fear of his stranglehold on the base -- I guess they should be.You know, if they were serious people, they would understand that they have a huge opportunity to take Donald out without having to contradict him in terms of policy as if there is such a thing these days or politics."

The former President's niece continued, "Just call him what he is: he is a loser, he loses constantly, he has never legitimately won anything in his life. He is a thin-skinned baby who has nothing to offer but white grievance."