Mary Trump Explains Why Ivanka Will Never Be President

Bestselling author Mary Trump believes her estranged uncle will somehow finagle a way to run for President again in 2024, but don’t count on his favorite daughter to follow in those lumbering footsteps.

Saying her cousins “lack the charisma” to run for office, Mary told Business Insider in a new interview that the once-revered Trump political “dynasty” is doomed.

Promoting her new book “The Reckoning: Our Nation’s Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal,” Mary Trump said that all signs now point to her uncle running for office again. “If you’d asked me if he’d run again in December, I would have said definitely not because he had just been humiliated and wouldn’t put himself in that position again,” she said. “But things have changed.”

Mary Trump told Insider that her uncle’s recent behavior is indicative of someone trying to rehabilitate their reputation in time for a presidential race. “He’s still spreading his ‘Big Lie,'” she said. This refers to a phrase used to describe Republican misinformation about the 2020 election. “He’s also now spreading the second big lie,” she continued. “This is that the insurrection of January 6th  wasn’t a big deal.”

However, should the public perception of Donald change at all (especially once the January 6th Select Committee has completed its investigation), Mary says, he’ll find a way to back out. “He’s a coward and he’ll never engage in a fair fight. He’ll only engage if he’s convinced that through cheating, lying, and stealing that he can win,” Mary explained. “Remember, he’s 75, not in good health, and there are the criminal investigations into him. Hopefully, something will interfere with his ability to run but, if all things are equal, he will.”

You can read the full interview here.

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