Mary Trump Explains How Ramaswamy and Taylor Greene Are Bribing Trump to be VP

It seems clear that there may not be anything that could stop Donald Trump from getting the Republican nomination. Even a prison sentence might not be enough to stop GOP voters from backing the former President. 

And the worst politicians in the country will be attempting to become Trump's running mates. In a recent column, Mary Trump discussed Marjorie Taylor Greene and Vivek Ramasamy's interest in the job and laid out how they're bribing the former President to get it. 

Writing on her Substack, Mary Trump went over Ramaswamy and Greene's recent claims that 1/6 was an inside job. "Why is this a big deal – don’t they tell outrageous lies all the time?" she wrote. "Here's what everyone is missing: This isn't the usual pandering to a wide unhinged base. Instead, it seems to be a plea to an audience of one: Donald."

The Piece continued, "Greene and Ramaswamy both know they can’t be president, so they’re both making it clear to Donald that they will follow his lead even if—especially if—he rules as a dictator."

Trump then noted, "This is a historic shift. In the old days (before 2023), vice presidents were often chosen to bring a key demographic to the ticket, even if the presidential nominee had no personal connection to, or respect for, the vice presidential pick."