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Mary Trump Continues Her Crusade Against ‘Idiot’ Meghan McCain

Mary Trump Continues Her Crusade Against ‘Idiot’ Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain had a thankless job as the Conservative talking head on The View. She did not make the job easier, tough. McCain was often combative and immature.

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This behavior very much irked Mary Trump when she was a guest on the show. And the niece of the former president has engaged n an unending feud with the Republican personality.

On her recent Unpresidented podcast, Trump responded to a recent tweet from McCain. The Conservative pundit had written, “There is no “good” Trump family member to me. Continue to wish they would all just leave me and my entire family the f*ck alone.”

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Trump responded, “So Meghan — because she’s an idiot — tweeted me and probably sold more books to me than anybody else, because Donald didn’t sue me this time around.”

The psychologist continued, “So anyway, I tweeted back something like — of course, this isn’t true, but I needed to do something — ‘I have the utmost respect for Meghan’s parents, but it’s a shame that this is what entitlement looks like and it’s so dangerous’ or whatever, and it was hysterical and it went viral and it was really fun.”


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