Mary Trump Can Promote Her Tell-All Book, Judge Rules

A judge has lifted the restraining order against Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump, author of the highly anticipated tell-all Too Much And Never Enough about her famous family enabling her uncle throughout his life. Mary Trump is now clear to promote her book.

There had been multiple attempts to block the book, stemming from an NDA Mary had signed that she soon learned was invalid. Her uncle, Robert Trump, had brought the original motion to block the book, arguing that it violated a confidentiality agreement related to Fred Trump’s estate. Legal rulings have now cleared both the book itself and its author.

The book details the rise of the Trump empire and offers a scintillating glimpse into a family often hounded by scandals thanks to their various shady business dealings. An already released anecdote details how Mary was sexually harassed by her uncle Donald during a visit to Mar-A-Lago. Another excerpt describes how he hired a fellow student to take his SATs, worried about the college entrance exams because he had cheated his way through school.

Most damaging to Trump will be the revelations of his many financial failures, bankruptcies, and tax issues, all of which he’s been careful to hide from the public. With the recent SCOTUS ruling that his taxes can finally be subpoenaed, the walls are truly closing in.

Due to overwhelming public demand, Too Much And Never Enough will be released tomorrow, two full weeks ahead of its original publishing date. Expect to see a whole lot of Mary Trump in the coming weeks.

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