Marla Maples Says She's Open to Being Trump's VP

In a recent interview with the Evening Standard, Marla Maples threw her full support behind her ex-husband Donald Trump and even hinted that she would be willing to serve as his running mate. 

Maples was Trump's second wife, and he married her after he left his first wife, Ivana, for her. The marriage did not last, and Trump would later marry his current wife, Melania. 

Despite their contentious divorce, Maples has continued to support her ex-husband. She told the Evening Standard, "I’m ready. I am available if needed and I’m not sitting back anymore.  want to step out more, share more and not be afraid of positive or negative outcomes that come from speaking out... It’s time I can really be more on point with what I may be called to do."

For some reason, she was asked if she would be willing to serve as Trump's running mate. She responded: 

"Someone would have to ask my ex-husband about that. I’m open. I’m open to whatever way that I can serve. Right now everyone [in the Trump family] is just seeing how we can help."

Maples was also asked about Trump's constant sex scandals including the E. Jean Carroll case. "I do know my daughter’s father well enough to know that he’s never had to push himself on another person,” she said. “He’s always had women throw themselves on him instead. I don’t believe there was a crime done."

You can read the interview in its entirety here