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Mark Meadows Wants Trump to Hire Alan Dershowitz as an Impeachment Lawyer

Mark Meadows Wants Trump to Hire Alan Dershowitz as an Impeachment Lawyer

Donald Trump is most likely to be impeached by the House in the coming weeks. Following that, the impeachment process would move to a trial in the senate. If Trump is to take on the charges in the Senate, he is going to need the best lawyers that are willing to work for him.

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North Carolina representative Mark Meadows is a close ally to President Trump and would be considered someone who would have his ear. It will be interesting to see if Trump takes the congressman’s latest advice as Meadows said on Wednesday that the President should hire Alan Dershowitz as an impeachment lawyer.

Meadows made the comments during an episode of the House Freedom Caucus podcast.  The North Carolina lawmaker stated, “I have advocated that there needs to be one other attorney that’s added to the mix for the president. And that is Alan Dershowitz. I think he’d be great to come in, get Alan Dershowitz in to be part of that defense team.”

While Dershowitz is certainly considered a capable lawyer, his hire would not be without controversy. The lawyer has been connected to Jeffrey Epstein and accused of sexual misconduct by Virginia Giuffre.

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Dershowitz has said of his accuser’s claims, “Well, not only am I saying it didn’t happen – I have categorical evidence that we never met…So I’m not just denying, I’m saying I never met this woman. She made up the whole story out of whole cloth for financial reasons.”


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