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Mark Meadows Says Nobody In The White House Had Advance Knowledge Of 1/6 Attack — Though He Won’t Tell It To Congress

Mark Meadows Says Nobody In The White House Had Advance Knowledge Of 1/6 Attack — Though He Won’t Tell It To Congress

Mark Meadows could be the second Trump ally to face criminal prosecution for failing to respond to an order testify to Congress about the events leading up to the January 6th attack. Now he says that nobody in the White House knew the attack was coming — so why is he saying it on a right-wing news network, rather than under oath to Congress?

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Meadows, Trump’s former Chief of Staff, joined Steve Bannon in defying a Congressional subpoena. Bannon has now been indicted for his failure to appear, and Meadows could face the same fate in short order. However, while he refused to appear before Congress to discuss contacts between the Trump Administration and the groups that attacked the Capitol Building in January, he was willing to appear on Newsmax to express his views.

In the clip above, Meadows excuses his dodging of the Congressional subpoena, declaring that he had “tried to reach a compromise” with the committee, but ultimately did not appear because “it’s been basically their way or the highway.’

Despite choosing the proverbial highway, Meadows insists that he has nothing to hide.

“To my knowledge in the West Wing had any advance knowledge of what was going to happen on January 6th, in terms of the breach of security.”

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He also insists there is evidence from that day that supports his claim, though he doesn’t address what evidence that might be.

According to CNN, the response to Meadows’ defiance will be swift, as Representative Adam Schiff promises that “…when ultimately witnesses decide, as Meadows has, that they’re not even going to bother showing up, that they have that much contempt for the law, then it pretty much forces our hand, and we’ll move quickly.”

In Bannon’s case, the vote to hold him in contempt was on October 21st, and his indictment from the Department of Justice followed on November 12th. The wheels of justice can move slowly, and for those 21 days, many people worried that there would be no enforcement for Bannon — but if Meadows’ case moves at a similar pace, he could also face indictment before Christmas.

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